how to make lasagna in ningbo, china


1. request mom to bring over lasagna noodles from the US in her luggage during a visit
2. obtain ricotta cheese during a trip to hong kong and tote back in your suitcase
3. drive 45 minutes to downtown to buy parmesan cheese
4. buy remaining ingredients at local grocery store – including fresh spinach because no pre-cooked, pre-chopped, frozen stuff here… it’s healthier that way.
5.  grate mozzarella cheese by hand because
        a. local grocery store does not carry pre-shredded stuff, but at least they do sell it in blocks and
        b. you completely fried the food processor that you had shipped over from the US by using a cheap voltage converter
6. cook and assemble lasagna accordingly, soliciting your more-than-eager-to-make-“magnana” 2 1/2 year old to help
7. sprinkle top of lasagna with parmesan cheese, but not with the entire 1/4 cup that is called out in the recipe because this precious commodity that you traveled 45 min for just doesn’t come in big containers and quantities around here.
8. finally, bake in oven toaster oven that just barely fits your 9×13 pan.  (see previous comments on ovens)
9. thoroughly enjoy with friends, some of whom have never had lasagna before.

cathy - love the play-by-play! =)

cornelia - yay! great job on the magnana! looks very yummy =) i’m so impressed that your local grocery carries mozz.

mm - looks delicious. I think a big can of parmesan cheese from Costco will be on the shopping list for mom’s next visit 🙂

Sarah Wheeler - Oh my goodness, lasagna sounds like a huge production in China! I hope that it tasted delicious, and that your friends loved it 🙂