yay!  welcome to my shiny new blog.  i am sure this will be a continual work in progress, but i couldn’t wait any longer to start posting on it.  some nice features to this new blog include:
– i can post BIGGER pictures.  yum.
– it’s easier for you to leave a comment.  that’s right, it’s really *easy* to leave a comment… go ahead, just try it.  =)  (enough hints?)

if you are new to reading my blog, please find older posts here: http://anitajcphotography.blogspot.com

more exciting announcements ahead, so stay tuned…

in the meanwhile, i’m still sifting through pictures from our trip (only got it onto the computer yesterday), but here is a small  big glimpse at one of our adventures.


Just in case you’re interested, I was actually fortuitous enough to win this new blog. You can read about it here. I was so psyched, as “create new blog” was on the top of my wish list… and this saved me much hassle and time. Many thanks to PIF and Prophoto for their generosity! And yes, I am also thankful my little rockstar has allowed me to fully exploit her in my photography endeavors. =)

lily - love the new blog, anita! ellen and i did those elephant rides in phuket, too! fun stuff! can’t wait to see more pics… esp of your rockstar! =D

cathy - haha….love your submission…definitely deserved to win! hannah is too cute! glad it’s easier to sub comments now!

cornelia - =) yay! really nice new website! i love it. and the elephant butts are great too. hehee

mom - I am excited about able to leave comments easily 🙂
Love the submission and star rocks !

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