guest blogger | a kid’s perspective

hello.  this is hannah.  i decided to take over this blog for a little bit while mama is frantically trying to pack up to go back to meiguo (that’s chinese for US).
since mama is always taking pictures, i decided i wanted to be behind the camera for once instead of always in front of it.  good thing my nice cousins gave me my own camera a while back.  i recently rediscovered it. one day i took a whole bunch of pictures (all my own ideas and vision) so i decided to share a few to show you a day in the life of me.  welcome to my world…


highlights included: reading a book, skyping with grandma & grandpa, baking, wandering around the house, hiding in my room while spying on these solicitors that came to talk to mama at the door, taking lots of pictures of mama (mostly leg, tummy, and butt shots…), and sometimes having mama take pictures of me.

tomorrow we leave for shanghai and then in a few days we’ll go to meiguo.  i am excited!

carollai - fun! so very cute. 🙂 oooh. exciting about meiguo. it’ll be nice to be back!

cornelia - hi hannah!! i can’t wait to see you! you’re growing up so fast. so do you remember me? hehee 😉 what did you bake there? it looks really yummy