it’s a small world… | etsy findings

…in blogland and etsyland.

it’s always exciting when different friends of mine choose to venture into creative endeavors and start their own businesses.  (particularly interesting, given that many of us are former/current engineers.  hmmmm…)

carol recently started her own etsy shop of handcrafted jewelry.  i know carol through my husband, as they grew up in the same youth group back in ny.  i’ve been following her blog, and was pleasantly surprised to see that this past friday, she interviewed my good college friend, wendy, owner of dozi, and designer of my lovely  logo.  =)  2 friends from different worlds, now friends with each other.
turns out carol met wendy via a “mutual friend’s blog”… i think that might be me, right carol?  =)    funny how blogs can make different worlds collide. 

both of these ladies have lovely products, so go check it out sometime!

paper goods by dozi:


p.s. carol’s blog is having a currently having a dozi giveaway.  and she also has other giveaways every friday, so go look!


for more info on upcoming Michigan sessions, go here.

cornelia - wow carol interviewed wendy? what a small, small world! hehee … and i know carol’s husband and brother-in-law from another connection. we’re all linked now. hahaa

Mary Marantz - LOVE those tags!!

denise - anita, remember elaine (wang) michaels? check out

carollai - it is cool when friends meet friends who meet friends, and the circle goes round and round. 🙂 have lots of fun in mich. i do wish i’d be there to see you guys when you’re in nyc. bummer…
your photography is so wonderful. it’s absolutely amazing that you’ve made it through this venue. say hi to the fam for me.

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