random musings about an almost 3 yr old


~ she wants to do my pregnancy workout dvd more often than i do
~ she has been asking for the past 2+ months when it’ll be her birthday. (it’s not until april)  when i ask her what she wants to do when it’s her birthday, she says she wants mama and baba to sing her “happy birthday”.  such simple requests.  =)
~ even more often, she asks when she will have a baby in her tummy… not until you’re grown up and married.
~ her current favorite story is the gingerbread man, even though she says it’s a qiguai de gushi (strange story)  – we’ve read it everyday for maybe a week before naptime and bedtime.

happy friday everyone.

cornelia - oooh SOOOOO cute! i can’t wait to see you all 😉

Jennifer Mott - Congrats on your pregnancy!! I was just checking up on blogs tonight and saw your great news!!

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