sunday afternoon at the park

we’ve had pretty much three straight weeks of rain – rain. everyday. for three weeks.
so it made this weekend extra nice when the weather warmed up and the sun came out.
we took a walk to a local park and there were lots of other people, kids, families out.  the wind made it good for kite flying, so there were quite a few kites out too.  enjoyed seeing how the community here spends their leisure time.  and on the way home, appreciated the view of the distant mountains seen from our neighborhood during sunset.  days like these are like a breath of fresh air (literally) and gives a glimpse of some of the nice parts of living here.

wanted to capture of some these picturesque moments, but alas i did not bring out my camera.  so i resorted to using my camera phone – not too bad i have to say.

kite flying

cornelia - wow those are really decent pictures for a camera phone! =)

joanne - really impressive for camera phone!

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