eclipses and expos

well, we are in the middle of our second week in shanghai, waiting for baby to come.  baby has not decided to come yet, so in the meanwhile, we are out and about exploring shanghai.
with the expo 2010 coming to shanghai, you see the expo mascot “haibao” all over the city.  like this giant one we saw yesterday in front of the  shanghai science & tech museum.  hannah loves haibao, so everytime she spots one, she exclaims “haibao!”… which is a lot of times each day.


this morning, we got to witness the longest solar eclipse of the century.  shanghai was supposed to be one of the best places for viewing it.  unfortunately, it was cloudy so you couldn’t see the sun. but we went outside anyways to an open air area to take a look.  10 minutes before the total eclipse, it started to rain.  so we sought shelter under some scaffolding.  so our view of the eclipse ended up looking like this:


didn’t get to see the eclipsed sun directly, but it was pretty amazing to have sudden total darkness for over 5 minutes.

cornelia - wow that darkness is crazy! did hannah enjoy it?

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