more Shokay cuteness | shanghai commercial photographer

a couple more new designs from Shokay.  I love the accessories that they come up with.  They are simply lovely … hannah is not as keen on wearing the hats and scarves though.  perhaps it has something to do the hot hot weather outside… but she was gracious enough to let me get a few shots in still.  I do feel like she is in a different stage than when I last photographed her for Shokay though.  As a photographer, it can be challenging to find what “works” with kids at different stages in order to get those shots you’re looking for!  Keeps it interesting.


If it’s kind of quiet on this blog, please bear with me as we are busy getting ready to temporarily relocate to Shanghai in about a week to await the arrival of baby #2… which is due in just a month!  also was happy to have family visiting this past week, and more family on the way to welcome the new baby.

also, random interesting tidbit… in China, the idea of “planning ahead” seems to differ quite a bit from the US.  for example, today we arranged for a vehicle from luke’s company to help us move up to Shanghai in a week.  while they said they can get us a vehicle (thankfully), we were told it was *way* too far in advance to plan out any specifics (what car or driver will pick us up, etc…).  when luke asked for a day off of work a week in advance, they were surprised he was asking so early.  and so maybe i shouldn’t fret so much that we are a week away from relocating to shanghai for a month, without a definite place to move into yet?

Princess S - She is sooo gorgeous! When things are more settled, please bring the family back down here. You are all welcome to stay any time. Love you!

jean smith - hannah is super adorable and the hats are super adorable too! by the way, it just sounds SO cool that you are a “shanghai commercial photographer.” just saw that above and i’m not going to lie…wish i were there!!! we miss china like crazy!!!

cornelia - she’s such a good model! haha 😉 i love the green/ivory outfit. how was the move?

Amy - Anita, congrats again! And Hannah looks so grown up, it’s amazing.

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