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good things come in nice packaging | ningbo baby photographer

a while back, i received some lovely items from shokay. not only do i love their products and the work they are doing, but the goods also came all nicely bundled like this: being a sucker for nice packaging and materials, it made the whole thing that much, well, nicer.    (anyone else make purchases just […]

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hands and feet

more sibling love =) the hands i caught while they were napping last week.  they both fell asleep around the same time, and hannah just draped her arm over kaylah.  it was very sweet. and i can never get enough of little feet.  though hannah’s little feet now seem gigantic to me after having kaylah. […]

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the before

just to show how terribly behind i am on sorting and processing pictures, i just came upon these images a few days ago.  but i like them, so i will post them anyways.  it was a month before my due date… and now my girl is well being past one month old!  i love the […]

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