good things come in nice packaging | ningbo baby photographer

a while back, i received some lovely items from shokay. not only do i love their products and the work they are doing, but the goods also came all nicely bundled like this:


being a sucker for nice packaging and materials, it made the whole thing that much, well, nicer.    (anyone else make purchases just because of it’s nice packaging?)

then a few weeks ago, i reused the packaging for this little bundle:



speaking of bundles and packages… wanted to use this post to also share that we are currently in the midst of packing up our home.  (!!)  having lived here just under a year, we are getting ready to move to a different city within China due to my husband’s work.  so in some ways, we’re starting all over again after just starting to feel more settled in in our current home.  this move came as a total surprise to us and came up just 2 weeks after kaylah was born.  needless to say, it’s been a bit crazy around here (thus also the relative quietness of this blog).  but we’re trusting good things will come out of the move and in this next adventure.

lily - beautiful package. =D

Susan - I love this!! So precious and what a cool texture!

Amy - Hi Anita! Hope all is going well with the move! Miss you guys…

diana - i love the re-purposing of shokay packaging! 🙂

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