mid-autumn festival | ningbo photographer

today is the mid-autumn festival, also called moon festival, or 中秋節 (zhongqiu jie) for you Chinese readers. it’s another big holiday in this part of the world.

a couple things you should do today to celebrate:

1) eat mooncake


for several weeks now, the supermarkets have been filled with tons of varying gift boxes containing mooncake, and everyone seems to be getting or receiving mooncake from one place or another.  mooncake comes in varying sizes, outer decoration, and inner filling… so it’s a good excuse to try lots of them.

2) go outside and gaze at the full moon.
the moon is supposed to be at it’s fullest of the entire year during the Mid-Autumn festival.  and tonight’s is supposed to be the brightest in many years.

tonight was a clear comfortable night, and we enjoyed some time gazing at the moon and stars with a couple friends and visiting family.  and yes, the moon really was very bright and round.  I feel like it’s been a long time since i’ve taken time to just look up at the sky and take in the stars and find constellations.  it was a nice feeling.

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