moving on | jiaxing china photographer

hello?  anybody still checking this blog?  sorry for the loooong silence.  amongst other things, we’ve had our hands full packing and unpacking…


(and trying not to lose kaylah among the boxes)

and now we’ve moved to our new home in jiaxing – arriving here *exactly* a year from the date we arrived in ningbo.  that totals to 2 major moves, 1 new baby, and 1 new country in 1 year.  whew. i am tired.  =)

while any move involves a good amount of stress, i was thankful that our actual moving date went about as smooth as it could.  our movers were capable, fast, and didn’t break anything — and even better, they were more than happy to pose for the camera.  haha.  quite the characters, and i love being able to capture people and their personalities.  can you guess which mover could carry the heaviest loads?


and now, hopefully, maybe, things will quiet down a bit and we can settle into our new home and my poor blog will not be as neglected… maybe…

lily - i’m still reading. =D wow, that guy is tall! and heehee… kaylah looks confused amidst the boxes. cute!

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