feasting | a jiaxing thanksgiving

it’s been a week now since Thanksgiving, and I just finished the last of the leftover turkey soup today.  one of the highlights of our new apartment here in Jiaxing is that it has a BUILT-IN OVEN.  this is a rare commodity in China, as I have commented on before.

with a full-size oven, i was excited and inspired to go all out for Thanksgiving.  I bought one of 4 frozen turkeys being sold at Metro – probably the only 4 frozen turkeys available in all of Jiaxing (city population = 3.3 million).   It was 6.9 kg (15+ lbs) – the smallest one they had.

Thankfully, we had about 12 people over who could help demolish the 15 lb turkey.  None of them had ever seen a turkey before, or celebrated Thanksgiving.  It was a great time, with relatively little turkey left over.  Amusingly, a couple people were surprised the head and feet were already removed from the turkey.  But it makes sense that they would wonder, as most whole chickens here are sold in their entirety.

And then in addition to roasting a 15 lb turkey for 5+ hrs, I proceeded to cook the most traditional American Thanksgiving meal I’ve ever made.  In the past, I’ve made a mix of American and Chinese, with possible random Korean or Middle Eastern or something else thrown in there.  But I decided to go traditional for my first-time Thanksgiving guests.  So this year it was sweet potato casserole, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, green bean casserole, cranberry apple stuffing (first time i’ve made american stuffing!), and pumpkin pie.  And since there are very little to none pre-made/ prepackaged/ canned items here, everything was made from SCRATCH.  I had to scour the recipes that used only fresh ingredients.  =)  Despite the extra effort required, it was all very satisfying (and probably more healthy because it was fresh?)  And I could not have pulled it all off without my wonderful oven.  =b


diana - amazing spread! you rocked thanksgiving.

Sarah Wheeler - It sounds like a wonderful Thanksgiving! Even better when you have friends to share it with, and an oven 🙂

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