hello 2010

just a simple picture (nothing fancy, but it made me smile) to get this blog going again.  any good caption suggestions?

random things to note:
matching jogging suits courtesy of grandma – i think that finding coordinating outfits is one of those joys of having two kids now.
photo taken during our recent trip back to michigan – i realize now it takes a good week (at least) before and after across-the-world-trips for life to quiet down but that’s ok. i am also happy to report i managed to fly smoothly back to china by myself with the 2 girls on a 15.5 hr flight after a 22 hour delay at the airport (good thing hannah really likes airports, planes and hotels).

Cornelia Tsang - so cute! hannah has such great cheeks!!!

carol - aw. they’re so cute. 🙂 🙂 🙂 and wow!!! kudos on traveling alone with 2 little ones… say hi to luke for me please!

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