chinese new year, hong kong style

continuing on about my adventure to the HK flower market over the Chinese New Year.  as i said in my last post, it was not your average flower market.

we arrived to find out it was actually a New Year FAIR.  the guys seemed much more relieved and excited once they saw that we were not just going to see flowers.  we were also told to avoid going at night or on Chinese New Year’s Eve, lest we be trampled by the extraordinary crowds going for last minute purchases and bargains.  So we went during the day, one day before CNY Eve… but as you can see, there were still plenty of people to squeeze alongside with.

It was a feast for the senses.  rows and rows of tents and vendors, selling anything and everything to celebrate this CNY, the Year of the Tiger.

So aside from seeing a huge selection of flowers, there was also the festive…

the novel…

(notes: upper left is a McD’s “tiger pie” dispenser.  and those stuffed animals are actually hand mufflers)

and all things Tiger…

and finally, what is a fair without food?   you could find fresh sugar cane juice, stinky tofu, butter cuttle, egg waffles, candy-coated fruits, stir-fried noodles, and so much more – sometimes unusual, usually tasty, always interesting

Cornelia Tsang - are those hot dogs or sausages?

connie - everything looks so colorful and festive…and delicious. makes me want to go back to visit HK!