egg waffles: hong kong-style

continuing on this food theme for this week, i’ll share a small but happy food experience during our trip to hong kong.  we were just walking along the streets when we stumbled across this hole-in-the-wall food stand, selling egg puffs.  egg puffs (or egg cakes) are basically a hong kong version of waffles that break into these small egg-shaped puffs… and they’re not meant to be eaten only for breakfast!  luke liked eating them in taiwan too.  and eating is one of our favorite family activities.  so of course we stopped to get some.
this particular egg puff stand must have been a local favorite,  because there was a continuous crowd lined up waiting for their egg puffs. and lots of pictures of presumably famous people who had come by were hung on the walls.  while they do offer other items, i think 95% of their orders are for their egg puffs.

and with a continual stream of customers, they have the place well organized.  first you must pay and get a token.  then you patiently wait until your number is called. meanwhile, you can see them methodically alternate between filling the 10+ griddles with batter, checking them on occasion, and seeming to know exactly when they are ready.

mmm… fresh off the griddle.  they are crispy on the outside, airy and soft on the inside.  warm and lightly sweet goodness.

Princess S - I LOVE these! Literally translated from Cantonese they are called “little chicken eggs”. Delicious!

connie - these are delicious!

christine - WOW. i just got a link to your site! i love it! 🙂 youre amazingly talented!! 🙂 and i LOVEEEEEEEE THOSE HK EGGPUFFS!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 cant wait to go back for more! 🙂

im gonna email you soon!