i saw the sign (around hong kong)

some signs and words we spotted around hong kong that i found fun or inspiring or both.  i will let them speak for themselves.

which one do you like the most?  and how many little topiaries do you think they have to maintain to be able to spell out the day of the week and date every single day in the last image?

and who is humming ace of base in their heads right now?

Amy - What a fun post! Of course, my fave is the one of Mom and her girls! So cute! Great to “see” you all!

cze - hannah is favorite! 😉

i have no other comments. i’m anti-social and boring.

cornelia - “hannah is favorite”

that should be a new sign. lol

jean smith - hahaha! seriously makes me giggle. we saw so many random signs when we were in china…wish i would have taken pictures.

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