lantern festival festivities | jiaxing china photographer

this past Sunday was the Lantern Festival (元宵节 Yuánxiāojié), officially ending the 15 day celebration of the Lunar New Year.

three major traditions around here include hanging lanterns, eating tangyuan (汤圆), and setting off firecrackers.  i managed to capture 2 of those 3.

for weeks, the city and neighborhoods have been adorned with red lanterns hanging along the streets and buildings.  i love how they brighten up the streets.

also, hannah’s school had a Lantern Festival party, where they got to make some tangyuan themselves.  tangyuan are these balls made from glutinous rice flour.  they can be filled or unfilled, small or large, and usually served in some sweet soup.  hannah loves how they taste.

Cornelia Tsang - yay! so many new photographs =) fun fun. i still remember all those holidays celebrated in taiwan when i was a kid. it was so much fun, even though the firecrackers definitely scared me.

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