mondays at the market | jiaxing china photographer

as we gradually settle into some sort of routine here, mondays have become my day to go to the local market.  when it comes to buying groceries, you can go to the supermarkets or you can go to the traditional markets.  the supermarkets are equivalent to what we’re used to in the US – indoors, aisles and shelves of food, refrigerated and freezer sections, shopping carts – except selling mostly chinese goods.  the traditional markets are perhaps what a farmer’s market would be like – outdoor building (not temperature controlled), individual vendors and stands – only selling a lot more stuff.

on mondays, i go to the traditional market and load up on lots of fresh goodness.  there are aisles and aisles of vendors selling everything from fresh meat and veggies to live seafood to tofu products to preserved goods, and so on.  while there are many traditional markets that vary in size and items they offer, here is a small glimpse of the one near my house that i usually go to – 三水湾菜场.  the vendors already recognize me and will ask me where my daughters are if i happen to go by myself.

much of the produce selection is seasonal, so i am excited it is currently strawberry season and am loading up on them while they last.  i will say that i have not been brave enough to try everything offered here – such as live frogs or chickens.  (though today i did purchase some live shrimp for the first time…)   but for the most part, i find it quite inspiring to go there.

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