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Monday was a national holiday.  So we took this rare vacation day to take a daytrip to Hangzhou – a city famous for its natural beauty.  There is a Chinese saying that goes “上有天堂 下有苏杭“  Translated, it means that “Above there is Heaven, below there is Suzhou and Hangzhou”
So we went and soaked up this little bit of “heaven” – the tranquil West Lake 西湖, the tulips in bloom at Taiziwan Park 太子湾公园.

And at the same time, we saw and experienced those things that are only unique to still being in China.

1. Couples in cutie matchy matchy outfits
2. The 1.2 billion other people out enjoying nature with you
3. Group bridal shoots.
i may save more elaboration for another blog entry, but basically wedding photography in china is typically *not* done on your actual wedding day *nor* in your actual wedding gown.  instead, the photography studio will provide hair, makeup, gown – and take you out for a day-long photoshoot – and you may have a few other engaged couples along for the ride.
4. And now the reason for my blog entry title.
first, walking around, i heard 20+ comments about kaylah as people passed by.  i’d say 37% were cuteness-related, and 63% was the fact she was barefoot and wearing just one layer of clothing.  babies are typically very heavily bundled up here, even when its 75 degree F outside.  well, back to the cuteness factor.  we were taking a family picture when this woman passed by and thought kaylah was so cute that she wanted a picture with her too.  before i could totally process or question it, she took kaylah from my arms and had her friend take a picture of her.  i could only (closely) standby and tell luke to snap a picture of the whole occurrence. at least kaylah didn’t seem phased.
and then as we stopped to take a few more pictures of just the girls, a small crowd of people gathered behind me and proceeded to use their cameras on them as well.  (do you see that glazed over look in their eyes as they stare past me, dumbfounded, at these strangers clicking away?  and then in that last one, i think they’re whispering to each other “can we hurry and get this over with? why is mom putting us through this? and why do all these people like to photograph us so much?”)  such is the different experiences of being in China… maybe next time i will at least put out a collection hat for each photo taken.  =)

lily - beautiful pics! that’s crazy about the paparazzi for hannah and kaylah! especially about the lady who grabbed her!! =P

hannahp - if i had spotted that cutie Kaylah i would have grabbed her too! look a those sweet little cheeks! thinking of ya!

qofheart - Are those flowers really in Hangzhou? How’d they keep the crowd from picking them?

Amy - Great shots, and such interesting cultural information! Thanks for sharing. And your girls are growing up!

Tamara - I’ll be in Hangzhou, China from May 24th-June 24th and I’m interested in rates for few hours of shooting on my birthday (june 9th) around West Lake with my husband and brother. Please let me know the possibilities.



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