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in a previous post, i mentioned how wedding photography is quite different here compared to the US, and i promised to elaborate.  so here we are.

wedding photography is not done on the actual day of your wedding, so it is not aimed at capturing the moments and the events of your wedding day, but instead focused just on the bridal couple themselves and making them look pretty.  it is more like a model shoot.  first, you play dress up – choosing from a large selection of wedding gowns that the photography studio has on hand.  then you get your hair and makeup done.  then you go out and pose!  it often takes an entire day and a few wardrobe changes.  it is generally less candid; more directed, formal posing.

on the weekends, the parks are filled with bridal couples striking a pose.  quite picturesque here, don’t you think?

as we passed these different brides, i ended up being more interested in capturing the feet.  not sure what looked more amusing – the choice of shoes or me going around trying to take pictures of them each time a bride raised her skirt to walk.  there were a *lot* of red shoes hidden underneath the dresses, as i believe it is meant for luck.  of course the gowns are long enough that the shoes don’t show up in the final photos, so really anything goes.
and how about that last pose and the use of props?  =)   it seems the groom does not look so thrilled.

finally, there were couples lined up to reenact a traditional chinese bridal processional as part of their portrait session.  this includes the bride being carried in the bridal sedan chair as the groom walks along the side, the bride wearing a red veil, and being connected to each other with a red silk sash.  as they do this, the photographers and videographers capture the moment and random bystanders watch… and then it’s on to the next groom waiting in line.

so which kind of wedding photography would you prefer?

Cornelia Tsang - =) very nice shots! i didn’t know they still did the red carriage thing anymore. very interesting. have you ever read this book “spring moon” it’s really old, but anyhow there is a full description of the whole old style marriage process. if you’re interested, i’ll try to find it on some used book list.

i think it’s funny because the whole posed picture goes with the old style chinese pictures where everyone sits properly in chairs with their hands on their knees, no smiles. i’m sure one day they will all move to candid pictures too. i like a mix of both =)

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