a visit to the Great Wall

was simply majestic.

a couple weeks ago, we took a family vacation to Beijing.  the trip was part of our goal to travel around China a little more this year, and it felt like quite an achievement to finally get ourselves beyond the greater Shanghai area.  the week was spent doing a good mix of connecting with friends and playing tourist.

we took one day to go to the MuTianYu 慕田峪 section of the Great Wall.  the whole setting just felt really beautiful, being out among nature, seeing the Great Wall curve and stretch across the green mountains.  loved the textures and lines of the Wall as well.  kind of amazing how a relatively simple construction concept can be breathtaking.

we took a cable car up (note the special significance of our particular car).  you can toboggan slide down, but we opted not to despite the ticket office’s insistence that it would be safe with a kid and infant.  and hannah had a great time climbing the Wall.

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