butterflies and bridges

as i mentioned in my previous post, my girl recently turned four.  so in honor of the occasion, we went out for a little photo shoot.  we’ve been doing these little photo sessions everytime her birthday or half birthday comes around.  and thankfully, it’s become an enjoyable activity for the both of us – a different little outing or adventure each time.  to keep things interesting, we brought along a “prop” this time to give it a little fanciful touch.
originally, i was envisioning going to a field of yellow flowers, but sadly the flowers were all gone by the time we found time to do this.  but instead we discovered this nearby park enchanted forest… a perfect area for a butterfly to explore.

later, sitting on a bridge, i loved catching her different expressions that capture her personality at this age.

part of me misses the cuddly toddler she used to be, but i am beginning to savor this little girlie stage she has grown into.

joanne - gorgeous photos! LOVE the sunflair photo and the one with hannah looking down in the flower field!!

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