Monthly Archives: May 2010

fast fourward

a couple weeks ago, my little big one turned four!  see what we did? she was quite excited to try out her new blades, and i am sure that before i know it, she will be moving along faster and faster. note: cake styling and hair styling both done by birthday girl. second note: far […]

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look who is on the move

…and getting into everything!  she’s been rolling around for a while now and is just starting to scoot.  it’s so cute seeing her inch forward, stretch her legs straight and stick her butt up ever so slightly.  but i think i may miss the immobile days. =)

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since coming to China, i have learned to make quite a few things from scratch.  mainly out of necessity.  “necessity”, as in i may have really been craving a certain sort of food and it just isn’t available, ready-made, processed and pre-packaged on your grocery store shelf.  or it requires a trek into Shanghai and […]

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