Shokay handknit kids collection | Shanghai commercial photographer

one photography opportunity i have really enjoyed since coming to China is working with Shokay (see previous posts).  if you are not familiar with Shokay, i encourage you to check out their story – it really is a unique and impacting endeavor.
i am excited to see that their gorgeous new line of handknit kids collection is now available for purchase.

and yes, they do have outfits for boys as well.  one particular high point of this photo shoot was that it gave me an excuse/chance to interact more with some of our local neighborhood kids and their families, as i was in need of some cute models!  in one instance, i just went to a spot in our neighborhood where the kids usually gather to play and asked a couple of them to model for me on the spot (like this handsome boy below).  pretty soon, many of the parents/grandparents were asking me to photograph their kid, even if they weren’t modeling for me.

checkout their newly updated website to see the full line (and some familiar models).  they even have a cute promotion right now in honor of June 1st Children’s Day!

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