jinkyart fun

i had the awesome privilege of attending a photography workshop last week with inspiring children’s photographer Barb Uil (also known as Jinkyart) from Australia.  How opportune that she came all the way from Australia at the same time I came all the way from China… to meet in Ohio.  =)

Barb is regarded by many as one of the best children’s photographers, and I loved soaking in some of her creativity and childhood magic. It’s also left me contemplating where I want to take my own photographer endeavors.  Definitely looking forward to see how i continue to grow in this art.

note: if you are in michigan and interested in a session during september, contact me.  what better way for me to exercise all of my workshop inspiration?

Joanne Cheng - love that top photo!! Beautiful!

lily - if you’d like a model, come to harrisburg!! =D

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