here comes the sun | michigan family photographer

we all need some sunshine to brighten our day sometimes. it’s been raining all week, so it’s nice to pull up this picture and be encouraged to look to sunnier days ahead.
this lovely mom is also a photographer, and we got together to photograph each other with our kids.  it’s so nice to work with other photographers, as they are willing to go to as crazy lengths as you are to get a good image.  =)  this was towards the end of our (second) photo session/playdate.  the kids were expiring a bit, and we were unknowingly on private property… but the sun suddenly cast these beautiful rays and  i captured this.  loved it.
for those of you in michigan, check out sarah’s work.  she’s awesome!

carol - i love it too! 🙂

sarah - oh anita! i was so fun to getting together with you! what a dream come true you capturing my children and i interacting!! 🙂 that never happens for us photographers! 🙂 thanks again for the beautiful images!

sarah - oh and… this shot was about where we were getting in trouble with the land owner! but the light was totally worth it!! 🙂 hope you, your hubby and the girls are well and adjusting to being home! thanks for the post! 🙂

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