halloween, china-style

as you can see, my girls got dressed up as a dog and cow this year for halloween.  it was very fitting, as it goes along with their respective chinese zodiac signs.  but in reality, i saw the cow costume and thought it was really cute, and went from there.  didn’t see many cute dog costumes, so i decided to make our own, which was a good project for me and hannah to work on together.  i wish i got some shots of the two of them together, but naps didn’t quite coordinate for that.  oh well.

this cow wasn’t too keen on grazing in the grass.  (notice her trying to keep as many limbs away from the grass as possible)

i admit i planned out the girls costumes ahead of time, not knowing what we’d actually end up doing for halloween, since it is not a holiday that is normally celebrated in china.  but then, thankfully, hannah’s school tries to celebrate both western and chinese holidays.  so they had an afternoon of organized halloween festivities.  the festivities were likely a first for most kids and parents.  it started out with 20+ kids arriving at our apartment all at once to trick-or-treat.  (rather than going door-to-door, they prepicked 4 classmates’ homes to trick-or-treat at as a class).  it ended with a party at her school.  lots of people, chaos, and fun.  halloween, china-style.

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