it’s been a bit quiet on this blog. the past few weeks, we’ve been a bit buried with sicknesses, trying/wanting to plan different Christmas festivities (but then scrapping half of it because we were too sick), and other unexpected things that i can’t really remember at the moment.

*but* in the midst of it, a couple weeks ago, we were “buried” in a different way.  jiaxing actually got some snowfall and it stuck to the ground for almost two days!   it doesn’t typically snow here.  so the 1-2 inches of accumulation had traffic backed up and schools shut down for a day.  for me, growing up on michigan and boston winters, the snow was a welcome site.  a little taste of “real” winter. i love the calmness and wonder of newly fallen snow covering everything.  i snuck out during naptime for a few quick shots around the neighborhood.  and the next day, me and my two (sick) girls went out and made (mini) snowmen and snow angels.  =)

hope you had a merry christmas.  and with the new year approaching, may you be filled with wonder over good things past and things yet to come.

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