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5 rmb a pose please | hangzhou china photographer

Monday was a national holiday.  So we took this rare vacation day to take a daytrip to Hangzhou – a city famous for its natural beauty.  There is a Chinese saying that goes “上有天堂 下有苏杭“  Translated, it means that “Above there is Heaven, below there is Suzhou and Hangzhou” So we went and soaked up […]

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strawberry picking adventures | jiaxing china photographer

look what we got to do this weekend.  yum. we ventured out with some of hannah’s classmates to the surrounding countryside to go strawberry-picking.  me and hannah were both excited as we have never picked strawberries before and hannah *loves* strawberries.  and it was a chance to get to know her classmates a little more. […]

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sometimes it just takes one click

sometimes i purposefully have little photoshoots of my girls.  i get them dressed a certain way, i choose a certain location, i have a certain look in mind.  thankfully, they still find all this entertaining, like a game.  during these photoshoots, sometimes i will take tens to 100+ images, trying to capture that certain look […]

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