a new year

happy chinese new year everyone!

it is now the year of the rabbit (i.e. 兔 pronounced “tu”).

we are staying in Shanghai right now, awaiting the arrival of baby #3  (we will be delivering in Shanghai).  until she comes, it’s also a nice little family vacation for us, as it conveniently coincides with the CNY break.

CNY is the longest break of the year in China, when everyone travels back to their hometown to be with their families.  in past years, we have always traveled outside of China over the break.  with my due date just a couple weeks away, traveling far was not quite the option for us this year.  so it’s been nice to stick around and see what CNY actually feels like in China.

on Chinese New Year’s Eve, locals typically gather with family for a big meal.  restaurants are booked months in advance.  for us, we got the girls dressed up in some festive clothing and headed over to a friend’s for a hotpot dinner.

one of the other big traditions of CNY is to set off fireworks.  there doesn’t seem to be any regulations as to where and when fireworks can be set off, so you see and hear them throughout the city.  yesterday (on CNY eve), the fireworks kept going and going, culminating around midnight.  we are blessed and thankful for a nice temporary home to live in during our stay in Shanghai that is close to the hospital.  another perk of living here was the amazing view we got of the fireworks display last night.  from our apartment on the 23rd floor, we could look in almost every direction and it was pretty incredible to see random fireworks going off everywhere – some literally right above or below us.  while i am no expert at nightscape shots, below are a couple images taken from our apartment just to give you a small sense of what it’s like.  though you really have to be here to truly experience it.

the fireworks continued on throughout the night, and will likely continue on (though less intensely) for the next couple weeks, as CNY is observed for 15 days until the Lantern Festival.

so we’re continuing on celebrating a new year… and soon… a new baby… (!!!)

Anita - Hello Anita
I just stumbled up on your blog and had to say hi to another photographer sharing name with me.
Your pictures are beautiful.

Anita - Hi again Anita, I am from Sweden but live in California since 2004. I have one of my daughters here, my second daughter and 4 grandkids still live in Sweden.
Personal blog is:
and I fixed the problem with my official site. Nice to meet you and nice to get a respond. Maybe your third child is born now!?

Laurie - Your view IS beautiful….. can’t believe you caught 11 fireworks going up all at the same time!

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