Look who turned 5 last week.

At the age of five, she…

… has her own sense of style.
…loves pink – always picks the pink set of dinnerware, refuses to share it with her sister.
…has developed quite the love of princesses – she plans to live in a castle when she grows up and wants a tail like Ariel for her 6th birthday (she thinks ahead a lot).
…will automatically translate what she hears in Chinese into English or vice versa, depending on who she is repeating it to
…is very sentimental – i wonder where she gets it from…
…is generally very timid, but willing to hike mountains and climb along rocks in a creek to catch shrimp
…loves her family, traveling, hotels, the swimming pools in the hotels, drawing, craft projects, road trips, the snacks she gets to pack for road trips, dancing around, and even photoshoots (most of the time)
…our beloved first daughter and so excited to turn 5.

(the sign she is holding says “5 years old” plus her birthdate… my standard mugshot set up for these milestones)

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