living on the edge

a partial glimpse at my “kaykay”
fearless, explorer, determined, active, resourceful…

whenever we walk this stretch in our neighborhood, she exclaims “钓鱼! 钓鱼!” (fishing! fishing!)  we find a fallen willow tree branch, she takes it and proceeds to “fish”.  (thankfully) she has yet to fall into the water, but has no qualms about going right up to the edge.  similarly, i admire the way she goes at most things full force, with no fear.

on a more superficial note, this was also the first time i got her hair up into pigtails.  a new look for her.  =)

popo - Love that fearless and exploratory personality. She definitely holds her own ground. Yep for the pigtails !!

Jenny - love the one where she’s squatting and looking up… and the pigtails! waiting for the time when I can start “girlifying” serena’s hair 🙂

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