on the move

they say time goes faster with each kid.  is it also true that each kid goes faster?  because my baby was up and crawling on her hands and knees during her seventh month, much earlier than my other two.  and she skipped the army crawling stage altogether.  i think she just wants to keep up with her two older sisters.  and here i am, just wanting things to slooow down a bit so i can take it all in before it (they) passes me by.  nonetheless, here is my baby on the move — not so much a newborn anymore.

footnote (behind the scenes): Isabella wasn’t the only one on the move that day as these photos were taken by me while rollerblading. sometimes the photographer is perhaps the more interesting subject to photograph.

carol - that’s hilarious! how were you rollerblading and still able to get clear shots? man. wish we lived in the same city. then i could ‘learn’.

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