countryside | yangshuo china photographer

just got back from a trip to Yangshuo, China – which is near Guilin.  we had a wonderful time taking in the charming countryside – bamboo rafting, biking, caving.  it’s been a while since we had such an active outdoorsy vacation, but we all loved it and it makes me look forward to being able to do more with the girls as they are getting older. it was forecast to rain for our entire stay, but the rains miraculously held back the entire time.

these couple shots were taken at the Outside Inn, where we stayed.  we were surrounded by the karst mountains, greeted by chickens and cows each day, and taken care of by a wonderful staff.

was truly lovely to see the countryside of China, chat with some of the local residents, and gain another perspective of this country.

joanne - so pretty! girls and mountains!

HP - Thanks for sharing your photos! Thinking of you.

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