a little over a month ago, my oldest turned six. of course, we did a few mini shoots in honor of the occasion. with life being more busy these days, my shoots are not always so well prepared or planned. this one was spur of the moment on the way home from school, when my previous slightly-more-thought-out-concept didn’t pan out for some reason already forgotten. that’s ok.

i think she has picked up some cheesy/cool poses at school, but i still manage to get some real smiles and moments out of her. a little more grown-up, a little more sure of herself, still sweet, still appreciates a bit of silliness and fun.

Popo - oh! she is so sweet & growing up fast !!! Love her !

lily - i can’t believe she’s six already!! happy bday H!

Joma - These are so great Anita! I miss her so much!

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