dressing up

Got inspired and had a lot of fun with the Halloween costumes this year.   Costumes were based on the book Ladybug Girl Dresses Up.

Always think Kk resembles a ladybug, and she got quite excited at the idea of being Ladybug Girl… so we went from there.  Hannah wanted to be a pirate – but insists she is not a “friendly” pirate as described in the book.  And on the tiger page of the book, it says “Roar! I am a wild tiger.” Lulu the tiger roams the jungle and climbs up very tall trees.  Felt fitting for Isabella who is the loudest of the bunch, known to randomly yell “Ahhhh!!”, always roaming around, and climbing as far up any furniture she can possibly go.  And the book concludes “Ladybug Girl can do anything!”.  Sounds about right.

On a side note, in the four years we have been in China, I am impressed by the evolution of Halloween costumes.  Each year the kids’ costumes seem more thought out and varied.  So what were you (or your kids) for Halloween this year?

And it feels good to finally blog again. I know things have been quiet around here (usually inversely related to my real life situation), but hopefully I will post more sooner than later.

Happy Halloween!

Qofheart - Looks so fun! Hope the girls enjoy the festivities with others dressing up and pretending to play their roles.

connie - love this! your girls (or ladybug, tiger and pirate!) are so cute! hannah is the cutest, friendliest looking non-friendly pirate! haha

popo - SOOO cute!! Such a creative idea for the 3 sisters. Love the pictures. Want to hug them.

Jenny liu - Yi puo really want to hug them, so does Ayi jie jie Esther, too cute to describe these three lovely ones

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