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Our littlest one recently turned one!  This year has gone by so quickly.  He is such a great delight to our family.

These yellow rapeseed flowers 油菜花 bloom every year in China, and every year, I have great aspirations to get some good photo shoots among the fields of yellow flowers- but every year, I seem to miss it by a couple weeks.  Having recently moved to Shanghai, it’s much harder to come by these yellow flowers – or any greenery for that matter.  But I stumbled across an empty lot nearby our home that was filled with these yellow flowers – planted just for us urbanites to enjoy.  For those living in SH, FYI, the elevated view from the nearby subway station (Hongqiao Station, Line 3,4,10) is probably the most outstanding view.  So after 6 years, I finally got my first proper photo shoot among the yellow flowers.  From these images, you’d never guess that there were tall buildings, concrete walls, and a junkyard a stone’s throw away…

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