sunny days | shanghai botanical garden


We have been enjoying the consecutive days of blue skies in Shanghai.  Staying in the city for the October holiday ended up being a special treat, as the city felt overall quieter and more relaxed.  We took the chance to explore a couple local attractions.  One of them was the Shanghai Botanical Gardens, located near Shanghai South Station.  At 240 acres in size, we only hit a small fraction of it.  Plenty of space for the kids to run around (we spent most of the time just picnicking and playing tag/frisbee/soccer on a grassy lawn area) and an abundance of greenery to take (and breath) in.  While weekends and holidays may be crowded, this can make for a relaxing weekday outing with little ones.  And definitely an enchanting setting for a photo shoot for those wanting to get away from the cityscape!

a couple info links in English here and here


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