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The weather is cooling down and finally starting to feel like fall.  Something about fall makes me a bit homesick – missing the changing seasons, chilly air, leaf-crunching, cider-sipping, cozying-up-in-vests-and-scarves-feeling of autumn in the Midwest and East Coast of the US.   And of course, along with the apple-picking and pumpkin patches comes Halloween.

While Halloween is not widely celebrated in China, there are various restaurants, malls, and kid activity centers sponsoring kid-friendly Halloween events throughout Shanghai.  We had the chance to celebrate Halloween early last Saturday when friends invited us to their own Halloween party.  The food was creatively catered by Bene Bene Italian restaurant, who did a fabulous job creating spooky, delicious entrees.  And the favorite part for the kids? Trick-or-treating afterwards around the neighborhood, of course.  Houses adorned with pumpkins, cobwebs, and all things Halloween – with neighbors ready to hand out treats to eager youngsters. Being their first time going door-to-door asking for candy, my girls were a bit timid at first — but by the end they were racing from one house to the next.  It felt just like my childhood experiences of trick-or-treating in the US, and I was thankful my kids got to experience “real” house-to-house trick-or-treating while still living in China – perhaps getting the best of both worlds.

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