favorite season | shanghai kids photographer


I think autumn is probably my favorite season, both in the US and in Shanghai.  While not as cool and less foliage than the autumns that I grew up with in the midwest, the weather in Shanghai feels nicest in the fall (as opposed to hot humid summers and damp cold winters).

With the comfortable weather comes lots of school field trips.  Today, we explored the Shanghai Zoo with my oldest daughter’s class. (Sadly, I left my camera in the car, and so I am posting these other autumnesque images instead)  I had visited a few years ago, and don’t remember much.  To be honest, I am not a huge zoo person.  But I was pleasantly surprised today with the unique variety of animal exhibits we saw – huge tortoises, white bengal tigers, a cassowary, baby giraffes, Chinese giant salamandars, and of course pandas.

And at the very end, we found a perfect picnic area under some trees.  There were fallen leaves covering the ground – the kind perfect for leaf piles, and crunching and kicking around.  And it truly felt like fall – the kind I grew up with.

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