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So what does one do when the kids have the day off of school? …Plan a photoshoot. I realized I don’t have many images of all my kids together, and wanted to make the time to photograph them together. With four kids, there is a lot of daily life to juggle and it’s rare to get a good chunk of time where I find us all at home and free. So I grabbed the opportunity last week to use the extra space in our schedule to do a mini stylized shoot of all my kids together.

Having talked it up ahead of time, the girls were pretty enthusiastic getting dressed up and venturing out. It did take us most of the morning to get out the door – but we made it and had an overall fun time despite some protests of being cold or hungry. (An after-trip to Starbucks appeased those complaints.) Getting four little ones to cooperate at the same time is no small task!  But I have to admit that I love spending time with my kids in this way – photographing them is part of how we do family bonding, I guess. What quirky ways do you enjoy spending time together as a family?

Details for this stylized shoot:
I had spotted these darling qipaos a few months ago at a nondescript store in Tianzifang 田子坊off Taikang Lu 泰康路. At the time, I mentally noted that I wanted to do a minishoot with my kids in these. It took several months before it actually happened – and timing may have been more ideal if I had done it before the temperature decided to suddenly drop 5 degrees Celsius. But life doesn’t always roll out so perfectly, and that’s OK. The lanterns were ordered on Taobao over a year ago for such a time as this. And the location is a nicely renovated plaza with restaurants and galleries on Hengshan 衡山and Tianping lu 天平路.

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