about me


My Story

I am a mother to four young children. This has given me a fair share of experience when it comes to engaging different personalities, moods, and childhood stages from behind a camera and in the everyday.  But I love that I am still learning and discovering – both in parenthood and photographing children.

I used to be an engineer – which is not too far off from photography. Both stem from a love of creating, require technical expertise, and an ability to visualize.

I am Chinese American. I grew up in the US and now find myself living in China. It is a wondrous Story that has taken me on this particular life adventure.


Your Story

I love stories. Any kind of story can hook me in. I particularly like hearing individual life stories, how each story is weaved and unfolds, to see where a person is coming from and going to.

I am also a major observer and document-er – naturally drawn to remember and record moments that unfold before me. I see inherent beauty in each person and family.

And so through my photography, I find the happy meeting place where I can document your story – this small piece, chapter, or excerpt of your life.

“The best stories infuse wonder” – Andrew Stanton

In my work, I hope to reflect the wonder and love that permeates your family and your story.


Your Session

As a mom, I understand how it feels to not have the wherewithal to always pull out the camera to capture my kids (as cute as they are), or to have thousands of images sitting on my computer or iphone waiting (for a year or more) to be turned into an album or wall display. When you invite me to be your custom photographer, I promise to give you a beautiful finished product – an album, a print to display, an image to share on social media – so that at least, for this moment, you have a visual showpiece of your family and your story.

And I promise that the experience along the way will be an enjoyable one.

Session fees begin at 900 rmb, which covers my time and talent only.  Collections begin at 1800 rmb.  For more information, please email me at anita@anitajcphotography.com.

In order to give the deserved attention to both my clients and family, I limit the number of sessions I take each month.  Please book in advance to ensure a time slot.