my isabella turned one this week!  can’t believe it has already been a year since we welcomed her into this world and our family.
so in honor of my little one’s birthday and Valentine’s Day, we (of course) went out and had a little photo shoot.  she is truly a sweet and loving soul.
Hope you had a loving Valentine’s Day.

elaine - hi anita! your girls are so adorable. thanks for sharing the amazing photos you took. i hope things are going well for you!


popo - wow, she is not a baby anymore ! what a sweet heart !
Love, popo


a sneak peek from another recent session. this is yet another Shanghai family that I had the privilege to photograph during our time in Hong Kong.
love these family shots. so much fun.
more to come another day…

dz - I love them! Thank you! Thank you! Thank You! 🙂

Alice - How cute! Great pictures 🙂 love you cousins.

bev - sooo sooo cute 🙂 your photos always bring warm fuzzies!


I photographed this little guy, London, when he was just a newborn.
Over the Chinese New Year, he flew from Shanghai to Hong Kong to visit his grandparents.  When his mom found out that I would *also* be in Hong Kong for Chinese New Year, we quickly pulled together a special session with the grandparents.  I love seeing the doting and deep affection that grandparents have for their grandchildren.  And I think I enjoy photographing this older generation as much as fresh babies — perhaps because both age groups are just comfortable in their own skin and can be themselves before the camera.  Would love to have more opportunities to photograph the older generation here.  Anyways, I had a wonderful time with this family. The grandparents even surprised me with a red envelope when I first walked in. Haha.  I felt like a little kid again.

And the bottom right image is to be cherished — three generations of sons.  London – you are dearly loved!

Meanwhile, today is the Chinese Lantern Festival, which I believe officially marks the end of the 2 week-long celebration for Chinese New Year.  We were hoping to go out and see some Lanterns and take blog-worthy photographs.  But the cold and rain kept us indoors. Instead, we learned to make 汤圆 (glutinous rice balls) and 甜酒酿 (sweet rice wine) at home, which are traditional foods you eat for the Lantern Festival.

Harrisburg Photograp - Adorable pictures! Thanks for posting them.


happy new year!

this was from a while back. i had wanted to capture a nice, classic, and clean shot of the girls. i think i did and love it.

but then our session evolved into something more candid, unplanned, and playful…

looking at them cracks me up. and love seeing kk try her hardest to do whatever big sister is doing.

different styles. different sides captured. which do you prefer to capture? candid or classic?

joanne - LOVE LOVE the classic photo 🙂