family portrait

Yes, it has been a while.  Life has been full.  Not sure I am ready for summer to end.  We spent the past couple months in the US with family and friends.  We traveled to the West Coast, East Coast, South, and Midwest.  Perhaps a bit ambitious with three young ones – but we survived and had a lot of great times.  So keeping up with this blog has taken the sidelines to just keeping up with life.

But we are long overdue for an update.  So thought I’d start with an updated family portrait, now that we’ve grown by an extra two feet.

carol - love it. 🙂 so cute.

Jodi - what a good picture :-p

joanne - LOVE it. Love the new chunky two legs!

lily - love this portrait! nice choice of clothes, too.

Jenny Liu - Excellent ! Not only the picture is so creative, but also can feel the love surrounding 5 of you, good effort!

living on the edge

a partial glimpse at my “kaykay”
fearless, explorer, determined, active, resourceful…

whenever we walk this stretch in our neighborhood, she exclaims “钓鱼! 钓鱼!” (fishing! fishing!)  we find a fallen willow tree branch, she takes it and proceeds to “fish”.  (thankfully) she has yet to fall into the water, but has no qualms about going right up to the edge.  similarly, i admire the way she goes at most things full force, with no fear.

on a more superficial note, this was also the first time i got her hair up into pigtails.  a new look for her.  =)

popo - Love that fearless and exploratory personality. She definitely holds her own ground. Yep for the pigtails !!

Jenny - love the one where she’s squatting and looking up… and the pigtails! waiting for the time when I can start “girlifying” serena’s hair 🙂


when our oldest, hannah, was first born, everyone asked and analyzed who she looked like more – me or luke.
when isabella was born, everyone asked and analyzed who she looked like more – hannah or kaylah.  mom and dad are now completely out of the picture.
tried to reenact one of kaylah’s newborn photos with isabella. (K is on the left, I is on the right)  so what do you think? do they look alike?

on a separate note, there’s an amazing giveaway going on over here.  besides the fact that giveaways are just plain fun, i also enjoyed getting inspiration from the many talented vendors listed. go take a look.

Connie - I thought it was the same baby!!

popo - Such a great comparison! They sure have the same facial features.

justin - WOW! i seriously didnt know they were different children until i read further.


Look who turned 5 last week.

At the age of five, she…

… has her own sense of style.
…loves pink – always picks the pink set of dinnerware, refuses to share it with her sister.
…has developed quite the love of princesses – she plans to live in a castle when she grows up and wants a tail like Ariel for her 6th birthday (she thinks ahead a lot).
…will automatically translate what she hears in Chinese into English or vice versa, depending on who she is repeating it to
…is very sentimental – i wonder where she gets it from…
…is generally very timid, but willing to hike mountains and climb along rocks in a creek to catch shrimp
…loves her family, traveling, hotels, the swimming pools in the hotels, drawing, craft projects, road trips, the snacks she gets to pack for road trips, dancing around, and even photoshoots (most of the time)
…our beloved first daughter and so excited to turn 5.

(the sign she is holding says “5 years old” plus her birthdate… my standard mugshot set up for these milestones)


People ask me how it is taking care of three kids.  It’s kind of like this…
The other day, it was a nice day out. I successfully got the 2 little ones all ready to go out and pick up big sister from the school bus stop on time.  And i thought after picking her up, we could take a nice stroll around the neighborhood. And the spring flowers are out, and we have been talking about taking pictures of them. So i grabbed my camera along with 2 kiddie cameras.  We pick up big sister, walk a few minutes, and stop at a nice tree to start to take pictures.  All is well. Curious neighbors immediately come up to us and ask questions about the girls.  I try to answer as I click. click. 2 shots with my camera.  Then – big sister is crying.  She tripped going down a small incline, face hit the sidewalk, mouth is bleeding, (thankfully) hasn’t choked on the sucker that was in her mouth.
So we quickly pack up our things and head home. Big sister ends up with a nice fat lip that scars up the next day.  Nice stroll lasted a good 5-7 minutes, perhaps, and no leisurely picture taking as envisioned. But I did manage those 2 quick shots shown above.
So life feels kind of like that right now – you never know what could happen.  Changing, adjusting, or scrapping plans at any given moment.  And moments – both the good and the bad – can be very fleeting.  Kind of like those spring flowers.  But beautiful, nonetheless.   Kind of like those spring flowers.