strawberry fields forever

Went strawberry picking earlier this week.  This has started to become a happy annual tradition.  We picked almost 10 pounds of strawberries… and probably had almost as much in our tummies. Last year, kaylah was still strapped in the bjorn.  This year, she got to join in on the fun too, and ate the most strawberries out of all of us (while isabella was strapped in the bjorn).  It was a beautiful day to be out and to enjoy the nearby countryside.  I had fun playing with my macro lens too.
We’ve since had strawberry shortcake, strawberry smoothies, strawberry ice cream, and just plain fresh strawberries.  Yum.
We will be sad when strawberry season ends (soon).  But my friend has promised to invite me to whatever other seasonal fruit-picking outing  they go on.  I hear Jiaxing peaches are delish.

Laurie - Did you guys end up making strawberry jam? how’d it tur out?

H is for Honored | Asuka Book of the Month

Thought I’d take a break from the newborn photos and show some of my older two.  I have mentioned before here that I took up a personal photo project last year with another friend to make an ABC Book for my girls.

Well, I finally did finish it and am so happy that I did.  Aside from it just being a fun way to go through your ABCs, I love how it captured my girls through the course of a year – things they liked, places we went to, particularities of whatever stage they were in.  There is a story behind each picture.

I printed it through Asukabook, who did an amazing job.  And I was surprised, flattered, honored, when they made it their Book of the Month in January.  Thanks Asuka!  If you head over to their site, you can see the complete book. (i.e. here are a lot of images to make up for all the blog entries i have wanted to post but never did)

I also had smaller versions printed and sent to all the grandparents for Christmas, and it was a huge hit.  A perfect brag book.  I think they’ve all memorized the book by now. =)

And I am realizing time really does go by much faster the more kids you have.  Can’t believe it’s almost April, and I am blogging about a January occurrence.  And we one quarter into 2011 and I am still writing about 2010.   Yet for some reason, I still fool myself into thinking I will catch up on everything eventually…


Danielle - love the abc book! Such a cute idea for kids 🙂


more images of our little one, 11 days old here.

Jenny - She is so BEAUTIFUL! Can’t wait to meet her in person this summer 🙂 … And Grandpa Warns dropped off the birth announcement today – absolutely gorgeous.


my mom (“popo” to the kids) was here taking good care of us for five weeks. isabella waited for her to arrive before making her entrance into the world, and popo also got to stay long enough for isabella’s one month mark or 满月, which is a big milestone in Chinese culture.  (side note: we celebrated by going to Pizza Hut… very chinese, wouldn’t you say?)  we loved having the time to spend with popo, and we were all sad to see her go.  the girls all had so much fun with her, can you tell?

and i love this other shot taken the same day as it captures so much at once that is typical of our family.  kaylah is running towards me saying “bao bao” (hold me!).  meanwhile, hannah is in the background mimicking her sister – the two of them are constantly copying one another for better or for worse.  and then you have the many random bystanders staring (at a very close distance) at our crazy family that is running around chasing each other.  we are a great novelty here being now a family of five, but we’re learning to embrace the extra attention it brings… at least on some days.   =)

popo - pic makes me smile. you can tell that I had a lot of fun also. miss you too.

Laurie - The girls are matching!! Was moma also wearing white and pink?

Jenn - awwww look at Hannah in her rollerblading outfit!!! 🙂

day 18

a few more of our littlest one, taken when she was 18 days old.

Danielle - love, love these sleeping baby pics!

Jyoti Kelly - She is so beautiful!

sarah wheeler - what lovely photos of your beautiful little girl, congratulations!!!