where did this past week go?
hard to believe it’s already sunday and a new week is about to begin… but i guess time goes quickly with 3 little ones in the house.
hard to believe my littlest one turned one month old today. (!!)

thankful (though also pleasantly hard to believe) that we get afternoons like this where we can all nap at the same time.

hope your Sunday has been a rest-full one.

Amy - Absolutely precious! Those are photos (and times) you will cherish forever!

for cornelia

this may be one of my favorites so far.

Danielle - So adorable! love the lighting!and the subject of course!! I am also a photographer living in hangzhou, china…did a search for other photog’s like me and found your blog!

Melissa Hellman - Anita,
Your pictures are amazing and your children are precious. We really enjoyed the pictures. Send your mom back, I miss her 🙂


i am having such a good time photographing our little one. this newborn stage passes so quickly, i feel fortunate to be able to capture some of it through pictures.  here are just a few for now.

joanne - So cute and perfect. So love that first image.


we are overjoyed to welcome our new little one, isabella, to our family.  she arrived quickly and smoothly just a couple days after my last post.  lovely and perfect.
thank you to everyone for all your well wishes!
these were taken at 5 days old.  many more photos to come…

Amy - Congratulations and welcome Isabella! Three sisters…what fun!

Judy - Wow.. this is old photo of Isabella. I can see her face in this 🙂
also love the t-shirt.


dear baby,
we have been in shanghai for almost 2 weeks now, awaiting your arrival. popo (your grandma) arrived from the US a couple days ago too.  every day we tell you that you can come out now, but maybe you are having too much fun inside mama’s tummy?  well let me assure you there are plenty more things to discover and experience out here.  so when you’re ready, we’re more than ready to meet you face to face.  we may even have your name finalized now… though it may also turn out to be a game time decision.  every time we go out now, we bring our (heavy) camera bag with us, just in case you decide it’s time and we have to head straight to the hospital. (that is really the only essential item to bring, after all)
can’t wait to meet you.
love, your mama