it’s been a bit quiet on this blog. the past few weeks, we’ve been a bit buried with sicknesses, trying/wanting to plan different Christmas festivities (but then scrapping half of it because we were too sick), and other unexpected things that i can’t really remember at the moment.

*but* in the midst of it, a couple weeks ago, we were “buried” in a different way.  jiaxing actually got some snowfall and it stuck to the ground for almost two days!   it doesn’t typically snow here.  so the 1-2 inches of accumulation had traffic backed up and schools shut down for a day.  for me, growing up on michigan and boston winters, the snow was a welcome site.  a little taste of “real” winter. i love the calmness and wonder of newly fallen snow covering everything.  i snuck out during naptime for a few quick shots around the neighborhood.  and the next day, me and my two (sick) girls went out and made (mini) snowmen and snow angels.  =)

hope you had a merry christmas.  and with the new year approaching, may you be filled with wonder over good things past and things yet to come.


while we’ve shared the news long long ago with family, friends, and facebook, i’ve been way behind on sharing on this blog!  yes, we are very excited to be expecting the addition of #3 to our family in february.  while we waited to find out the gender with both hannah and kaylah, we couldn’t hold out this time.  and we are tickled pink to be having another girl.  (with luke’s side being very much male-dominated for a couple generations, who could expect we’d end up with 3 girls?!)

the above images were taken by the lovely sarah of paper grace photography back while we were still in michigan.

below is a (slightly) more recent photo from over a month ago, when baby was weighed as much as a mango.  (i think she has since graduated to butternut squash size)

baby – we can’t wait to meet you and feel like we are just counting down the days.  now if we could only come up with a name for you before you arrive…  anyone have any suggestions?

Jenny - do you want another name name that ends with the “uh” sound??

Cornelia Tsang - love the mango picture! 😉

Tati Akamine - Congratz, Anita & family!
your friend from Ningbo,


party in your shoes

now that Thanksgiving is over, i know that the holiday shopping season is in full swing back in the US.
for you who are brainstorming gift ideas, i wanted to share about a site that just launched that might have the perfect gift for the men in your life.  they basically sell one thing: men’s dress socks, but with a twist.  so go check it out and see for yourself!  www.partyinyourshoes.com

i had the fun privilege of taking the above shot for their site  …20 points goes to anyone who guesses who the foot model is. =)

Happy Cyber Monday and Happy Shopping!

carol - my guess: mr. luke chuang? 😀

Joanne Cheng - great shot!! amazing commercial work!


this was from a session earlier this summer that i never got to post about.  it’s been lovely seeing these two grow up.  and i’d say these images exude happiness.  =)

Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving!

U is for Umbrella

it’s been a rainy, dreary week, but seeing this weather-appropriate photo brightens my day a bit.
earlier in the year, a friend of mine suggested that we try to make an abc photo book for our kids, of our kids.   a personal photo project for fun, for practice, for inspiration.  after a pretty good start, we both lost a little momentum for a few months.  but i’ve picked it up again the past couple weeks and hope to still finish by the end of the year!  it’ll be a 2010 keepsake of and for my girls, and this image is going on the U is for Umbrella page.  hope to share the final product eventually on this blog!

working on this project has been good for me when i needed some inspiration/motivation to get out of a creative (and maybe general) slump.  what projects or things do you do to get out of a slump?