more Shokay cuteness | shanghai commercial photographer

a couple more new designs from Shokay.  I love the accessories that they come up with.  They are simply lovely … hannah is not as keen on wearing the hats and scarves though.  perhaps it has something to do the hot hot weather outside… but she was gracious enough to let me get a few shots in still.  I do feel like she is in a different stage than when I last photographed her for Shokay though.  As a photographer, it can be challenging to find what “works” with kids at different stages in order to get those shots you’re looking for!  Keeps it interesting.


If it’s kind of quiet on this blog, please bear with me as we are busy getting ready to temporarily relocate to Shanghai in about a week to await the arrival of baby #2… which is due in just a month!  also was happy to have family visiting this past week, and more family on the way to welcome the new baby.

also, random interesting tidbit… in China, the idea of “planning ahead” seems to differ quite a bit from the US.  for example, today we arranged for a vehicle from luke’s company to help us move up to Shanghai in a week.  while they said they can get us a vehicle (thankfully), we were told it was *way* too far in advance to plan out any specifics (what car or driver will pick us up, etc…).  when luke asked for a day off of work a week in advance, they were surprised he was asking so early.  and so maybe i shouldn’t fret so much that we are a week away from relocating to shanghai for a month, without a definite place to move into yet?

Princess S - She is sooo gorgeous! When things are more settled, please bring the family back down here. You are all welcome to stay any time. Love you!

jean smith - hannah is super adorable and the hats are super adorable too! by the way, it just sounds SO cool that you are a “shanghai commercial photographer.” just saw that above and i’m not going to lie…wish i were there!!! we miss china like crazy!!!

cornelia - she’s such a good model! haha 😉 i love the green/ivory outfit. how was the move?

Amy - Anita, congrats again! And Hannah looks so grown up, it’s amazing.

Shokay children’s handknits | shanghai commercial photographer

Shokay is at it again!  they have come up with a beautiful new collection of handknit clothing for kids.  and i was more than excited when they asked me to help photograph this new collection.   here’s a small glimpse at what they have in store…


It’s an exciting year for Shokay, including an opening of a second store in Shanghai at the Sheraton Hongqiao Hotel.  Congratulations you guys!

To learn more about Shokay, check out there website and my previous entries… it’s a story worth reading about.

making art

i’ve recently decided to try to do at least one art or craft project with hannah each week… we’ll see how long it lasts.  but she really enjoys creating things and it’s a nice activity to do together.  especially when it’s too hot to venture outside.
so last week, i tried this tissue staining project with her.  basically, you cut up pieces of tissue paper, place it on some matboard, brush it over with water.  then when you peel off the tissue paper, it leaves a pretty colorful effect, almost like water colors (see one of the final products in the lower right corner… when i asked hannah what she wanted me to draw, she insisted on a birthday cake). 
pretty simple, not very messy, and a beautiful piece of kid art! maybe a good creation for a father’s day gift?


this week, we tried this project when another friend was over – marbling paper made from shaving cream and tempera paint.   but i was too busy helping to take pictures… and we only had a small travel size can of shaving cream so wasn’t quite enough to make too much.  will do it again another time though.  i’m thankful for blogs that inspire!

note: if you try this, be sure to use bleeding tissue paper, which i made sure i bought on back in the US.

carollai - great projects! 🙂 love seeing hannah grow. 😀

cornelia - wow that’s beautiful! what a good idea =)

it’s yangmei season in ningbo | ningbo photographer

one thing i have enjoyed here is eating fruit.  fruits here are generally really good.  sweet, juicy, yum.  back in michigan, i rarely ate apples… and isn’t michigan supposed to be known for their apples?  but here, i eat apples *all the time* because they just taste better.  some of my old roomies would be proud of me, hearing that now i eat fruit everyday, multiple times a day even… considering i used to be known as a lazy fruit eater.  would only eat them on occasion, and only if they were cut and peeled for me, and tasted good.  maybe this pregnancy also has something to do with my increased fruit consumption…

anyways, i digress.

last week, a local friend told me about a fruit called “yangmei” or 杨梅.  according to wikipedia, it could be translated as Chinese bayberry.  i had never heard of it before, and my friend did not think it’s available in the US.  apparently, it is special to this region of China, and when it is yangmei season, it’s a *huge* deal here, and people go crazy over them and have like a festival or something.  to heighten the hype, this yangmei season only lasts a couple weeks… which happens to be right now!  then you have to wait until next year to get them.  hearing all this, i was really curious to try this new fruit.  
fortunately, a couple days after i first heard about them, another friend brought some yangmei to a gathering and i got to try it for the first time.  and this past weekend, we went to the market to get some for ourselves.  now that i know what they are, i notice them in all the markets and on street carts.  and i hear of people organizing outings to go yangmei-picking.  here’s what they look like:


they are large, sweet berries with some tanginess to it.  and rather photogenic.  but i guess you’ll just have to pay us a visit if you want to experience first hand what these fruits are like.  =)

the tradeoff to having good fruit here, is that usually they are only available when they are in season.  so while we were in the US, we missed strawberry season, and will have to wait until next year to eat strawberries.  =(  luckily, i got my fill while we were in the US.

cornelia - wow those are SO cute and pretty. i love the color. i wonder if they would make a good berry tart? especially if it’s sweet and tart also.

field of yellow flowers

During our time back in Michigan, spring came.  And so everyday, i would drive by this field of yellow flowers, found it very inspiring, and kept thinking i’d love to take some pictures there.  So one evening, i finally found a chance to go out there and have a little photo session with hannah.  happy yellow flowers.


hannah had a great time.  i kept hyping it up ahead of time that we were going to go “see some yellow flowers.  oooooh.  yaaay.”  yes, easily impressed.
luke also came along.  he was not as thrilled, as he did not see the enjoyment of walking around and snapping pictures in a muddy field of scratchy glorified weeds (even if they were yellow) along the side of the road as cars drove by.  but i’m thankful he came along because at least he could grab that one shot in the lower left hand corner, which, for me, made it worthwhile.  thanks dear. =)

joanne - These are amazing and beautiful. I just drove by a field of wheat and it looked like it belongs to a the land of a real estate company, i had a fantasy of stopping and taking photos with the girls but also thought about what i would say when someone came up and asked “hey what do you think you are doing on my land?!”

cornelia - hehee oh it’s glorious! =) it’s nice to just enjoy what has been created there and drink it in (even if the pictures make it seem like they aren’t scratchy hahaa) love that shot by luke. is hannah super excited about baby?