new to the neighborhood | ningbo, china photographer

when we got back to our home in China, we noticed that there were some newcomers to the neighborhood.  They must really like us, because this morning, I found her in my backyard.


Along with all her other friends.  They literally just wander around our neighborhood, hide under bushes, hang out in my backyard.  Not sure who they belong to.  But they look like they’re plotting something…


These were taken from my window, so you can imagine how close they were.  It reminded hannah of how close the llamas got to us when we visited the Detroit Zoo.  I guess we don’t need to go to a zoo here. 

I guess these would be considered free-range chickens?  =)

joanne - how is this possible – have not any of the locals caught them for dinner? 🙂

cornelia - catch one for dinner!! =) yummy fried chicken

DC cherry blossom festival

While we settle back to being in China, I am also catching up on 2 months worth of pictures taken during our time in the US.  So thought I’d blog a few as I organize…
Since we were in the DC area for Tien+Mel’s wedding, we decided to venture into DC with some extended family to see the Cherry Blossom Festival.  After 2 hours of traffic and trying to find a parking spot, we made it.  And it was a beautiful place to be.  The lighting, the flowers, strolling around… very nice.


And a little bit of ice cream made it all the sweeter.


I used to visit DC almost every year when I was a child, but don’t remember ever thinking it was a particularly pretty place to go.  But this time around, I changed my mind.

Jodi - Did Hannah eat that whole ice cream herself? im sure she enjoyed it

back home

well, after 2 nice months in the US, we are back to our home here in China.  of course, we were sad to leave certain comforts, familiarities, people, and the abundance of playgrounds…


but then coming back here is starting to have certain familiarities too… so maybe that means being here is also like being back “home”.
and can’t beat being able to order a full breakfast for the whole family for 27 RMB (about $4 USD), delivered to your home for no extra fee, on the first morning you’re back since you have no food in the apartment… and still have leftovers to eat for the next day.
though watching the NBA semifinals with Chinese commentators just isn’t the same.  but at least we can see the game, so i can’t complain.  contrary to what a few have assumed, we do *not* get the same TV channels here as the US.  not even close.

and if i had had my camera out at the time, i totally would’ve posted a picture here of the health officials who boarded our plane upon our arrival to Shanghai, fully donned in bunny suits and face masks to measure each passenger’s temperature to make sure there was no possible H1N1 cases.  but since i didn’t have my camera and we weren’t allowed to get up out of our seats, you’ll just have to imagine it.

lily - so cute! she really looks like you… especially in this pic with you in the background to compare. =) glad your trip back was safe and quarantine-free.

cornelia - hehee – welcome home!

i can easily picture the bunnysuited health officials hahaa

carollai - sad that you were here in the u.s. for 2 months and i didn’t get to see you all! but glad you’re safely back and adjusting to ‘home’. 🙂 great pic. i love your pictures!

i never met a tobey that i didn’t like

since our stay in the US got extended, i was lucky enough to make a trip to pittsburgh and meet this little guy.


the scarf on the left is a piece from some beautiful indian garb from dad’s side of the family that tobey doesn’t quite fit into yet.  and the blanket on the right was hand-knitted by mom (good job!).  and i couldn’t resist this onesie.  ok, sorry if i am starting to sound like a catalog.

and though he was less than a couple weeks old, here is his classic old man face. =)


so glad we got to stick around long enough to meet tobey!  i’ve known mom since freshmen year of college, so it’s extra special to meet this new addition.  thanks for letting us visit.  =)

carollai - oh he’s so cute! baby bum and all. 🙂

lily - so glad you could visit. love the pics! and what a cute baby! =P

Sarah Wheeler - darling photos anita, and i’m glad that you guys have been having such a great trip!

jenn - so sweet 🙂 i love the pieces you have in the pictures with him, too!